What exactly is concrete lifting using polyurethane foam injection?

What exactly is concrete lifting using polyurethane foam injection?

Concrete slabs, including sidewalks, pool decks, and driveways, can be uneven due to various reasons, such as root invasiveness, drainage problems, and issues with the expansive soil.

Sunken concrete slabs can be an issue of safety as well as a risk problem. They can, however, be lifted using an extremely-innocuous procedure called slab lifting.

This is done by injecting polyurethane foam underneath the slab. The foam expands rapidly and raises the slab up.

Concrete lifting through polyurethane foam injection is less costly than replacing sunken concrete and allows you to move onto the slab immediately after the repairs are completed.

A Polyurethane Foam injection (Slabjacking) is a great option to lift off concrete…

Sidewalks and other kinds of walkways

Interior concrete slabs


Garage floors


Pool decks

How polyurethane injection (slab jacking) performs

The method to lift sunken concrete through polyurethane injection follows the following steps…

5/8″ holes, spaced out in the form of a grid just a few feet apart, are placed into the slab above the area affected.

The polyurethane foam is injected beneath the slab. It expands to fill the gaps and raise the concrete.

The holes are repaired, and the work area is cleaned.

Give it 15 minutes for the foam to dry, after which it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of vehicular traffic.

This slab has been prepared to use.

Why slab jacking is better than the mudjacking method?

The image shows men repairing an unbalanced concrete slab with polyurethane foam injection.

Mudjacking is a traditional method for getting sunken concrete. It uses a mix of Portland cement, sand, and cement to elevate the slab. The problem with this method is that it utilizes a large cement material to raise the concrete. There’s a possibility that the concrete will settle again. Slab leveling foam is incredibly light, doesn’t force down the soil, and isn’t susceptible to erosion.

Advantages and benefits of polyurethane foam injection (slab Jacking)

Slabjacking is an efficient method of making level concrete slabs, such as walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, and driveways. It’s less costly as replacing concrete and cleaning up is easy since it’s a relatively non-invasive procedure.

Slabjacking is an easy repair. It is possible to use the slab as soon as the repair is completed. Removing the concrete, however, is a longer procedure that can take longer as the concrete requires time to cure. At this time, you won’t be able to use the slab.

How much does slab jacking cost?

The price of polyurethane foam injection is different and depends on the extent to which the slab must be lifted, the risks in the area, and if there is easy access to the area of work.

Typically, the price of slab jacking for residential use ranges from $1400 to $5,500. This is a small tiny fraction of the price of replacing the slab.